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Red Rose Mine

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Mine Summary


The Red Rose Mine has 12 levels and sub levels, multiple raises and 4 access adits. Ore was transported by an aerial tram line from the main haulage at the 600 level, to the mill site 1.4 kilometres (0.9 miles) away. From the 600 level, an inclined shaft follows the vein down to the lowest level (1100). A surface-track connected the camp and lower adit, and a gravity aerial tram 1597 m (5240') long connected the mine and mill. Click Red Rose Mine plan and section to view larger version of thumbnail map.


The Red Rose Mine was strategically important as a tungsten producer (1942-43) during World War II, and also from 1952 to 1954. Over a five year period, Red Rose produced over 1,002,500 kg of tungsten (2,210,100 lb) from 103,560 tonnes (114,175 tons) of ore with some copper, gold and silver as by-products, reported only in the last two years of production.

Silver, gold and copper recovered from 60,858 tonnes (66,944 tons) milled includes:
Copper26,452 kilograms (58,317 pounds)
Gold19,299 grams (620 troy ounces)
Silver26,806 grams (862 troy ounces)

For illustrative purposes, the value of the reported ore would be over C$24,000,000 at current prices (May 2010). The mine closed in 1954 due to a drop in demand for tungsten.


In 1954, the mill heads averaged 1.43% WO3 and the tails 0.48% WO3 (WO3 - conversion to tungsten using the factor 1.2611).


The vein was mined over the length of some 60 to 120 metres and from the surface down to the 800 level. On the 800 and 900 levels, about three quarters of the ore was mined. The vein on the 1000 level was about half mined. The 1100 level (335 m, 1100') was not mined.

According to McEachern (1955), historical estimates above the 1100 level include 13,600 mt (15,000 tons) of indicated ore at a grade of approximately 1.9% WO3 and 16,050 mt (17,700 tons) of inferred ore. Below the 1100 level, there are 22,700 mt (25,000 tons) of inferred vein material: At the time of closure in December 1954, the estimated remaining mine reserves* were 52,350 tonnes (57,700 tons), or about 50% of the total ore mined.