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Wed Oct 24, 2012
Freeport Presents Q Project at International Fluorspar Conference
Freeport Resources Inc. (FRI: TSX-V) is pleased to announce the Q fluorspar project was presented by invitation at the international fluorspar conference this week in Vancouver. This event, hosted by Industrial Minerals Events of the UK, brings together key participants with serious fluorspar (CaF2) interests from all over the world. Freeport's 100%-owned Q is the most significant fluorspar deposit known in western Canada. Extensive exploration in the 1980's by Eaglet Mines defined several large mineralized zones, with non 43-101 compliant estimates of 24 million tonnes of 11.5% CaF2. New analytical results released by Freeport this past May are very encouraging, as long intercepts suggest the possibility of bulk open pit mining as well as higher grades near the end of the Adit 2 (see news release dated May 1, 2012). The site was previously abandoned when fluorspar prices dropped below US $100/tonne. The price of fluorspar at present is significantly higher -- recently up to $550-600/tonne due to reduced exports from China. Fluorspar is a mineral considered "critical" by the European Union, used to make hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in coolants, and fluoropolymers. It is instrumental in energy reduction in metal smelting and similar processes (i.e. cement, glass), as fluorspar lowers melting temperature of numerous compounds. It is also instrumental in aluminum production. Please visit ...

Mon Sep 10, 2012
Freeport Confirms Feasibility of Marine Logistics at Hutton
Freeport Resources Inc. (FRI.V) is pleased to announce the bulk-loading strategy required for commercial-scale production at its Hutton Garnet Beaches project has proven feasible. Recent field work has shown site access by large commercial vessels is possible and the site is very suitable for landing. A tug and two barges were brought to South Beach to test the marine operational plan for exploiting the garnet sands. A detailed route to shore was established and recorded by a registered Marine Surveyor. Enough marine data was collected to establish the practicality of full-scale production -- a landmark development for the Hutton project. Freeport greatly appreciates support by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's Junior Exploration Assistance program, an incentive program encouraging mineral exploration. Please see photos of the marine access study at Point-Vim-NT1032, Sappatak-NT1032-Ryans-Bay and South-Beach. Additional photos will be made available soon at the Hutton photo gallery on Freeport's website.

Thu Jun 28, 2012
Freeport Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
Freeport Resources Inc. (FRI: TSX-V) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Martin MacKinnon, MBA, of Halifax as the Company's new Chief Financial Officer. MacKinnon serves as CFO of another publicly traded resource company in Atlantic Canada with a quarry. MacKinnon has a broad background in financing, new ventures (business start-ups, funding, and performance improvements), and high growth business. He is also a well-known lecturer in finance, with over 30 years of experience in various areas of financial reporting, specializing in developing new strategic corporate directions.

Tue May 1, 2012
Freeport Defines Significant Fluorspar Zones at Q (Eaglet), B.C.
Freeport Resources Inc. (TSX-V) is very pleased to announce new fluorspar results from its Q project have confirmed several significant mineralized zones in Adit 2. The most important occurs in a faulted and folded zone, where three generally continuous intervals of fluorspar mineralization with a combined length of 126 metres (410 feet) have an average grade of 8.7% CaF2 (see Table 1 below). Some higher grade sections include 15 m. (50 ft.) of 10.3% CaF2 and 30 m. (100 ft.) of 11.1% CaF2. The Adit ends in a mineralized zone 369 m. (1210 ft.) from the portal. These grades and their continuity are encouraging as they suggest the possibility of bulk open pit mining.

Wed Mar 14, 2012
Freeport Receives Fluorspar Results for Q Project (Eaglet)
Freeport Resources Inc. is pleased to announce encouraging preliminary assays received for its Q fluorspar project in central BC. Analyses indicate a similar range of CaF2 values to those used to calculate the historical fluorspar resource (Eaglet Mines, 1984), with about a quarter at 10% CaF2 or above, with values up to 23%. Of about 500 pulp samples submitted for analysis, representing the full extent of Adit 2 -- some 1200 feet in length, results from about half have been received. The samples were analyzed for fluorine, and converted to CaF2. The new results are significant as no fluorspar data was previously available for the Adit, which contains several fluorspar zones included in historical non NI43-101 estimates. It permits a much better understanding of the 3D spatial distribution of fluorspar and grades in the Adit and the overall deposit, in comparison to original results from vertical diamond drill holes only. Several hundred of the samples were also analyzed for 55 elements on an exploratory basis.

Wed Feb 8, 2012
Freeport Closes Financing & Outlines Plans for 2012
Freeport Resources Inc. (TSXV-FRI) announces closing of its previously disclosed private placement, with a total of $521,000 raised and finders fees of $25,000 paid. Another private placement is anticipated this spring. Please refer to news releases of November 18, and December 28, 2011 for further information. The proceeds will be used to test a bulk loading strategy at the Hutton garnet beaches , a high-grade heavy mineral sands project on tidewater in Labrador, eastern Canada. With a NI43-101 Prefeasibility Study completed (2004), the Hutton is at an advanced stage, with a 5000 tonne bulk sample recently released from Environmental Assessment. Pilot plant work, based on processing 100 tonnes of garnetiferous sand collected already from the site, is commencing. Work underway in BC includes comprehensive assaying of Adit 2 samples from the Q fluorspar-molybdenum property to outline fluorspar distribution.